Monsieur Minimal – Never Give it Up


if i could ever built a world for you
this would be our heaven
and if could ever choose to be born again
this would be in your heart

cause today i found a really magic place
a place that i remember
where a boy meets love for the first time
the love of his life

i see the fire in the sky
every night i am dreaming
i feel the fire in my heart
every night is getting stronger

well i don’t want to grow old
unless i grow old with you
and i don’t want to stay at home
my home is with you

all i want to do is to find
find the way to your heart
cause you,you,you are my god
and i am your son

i hear the sirens at nights
every night i’m missing
missing your tender smile
this is worst than dying

we should not
we should not
we should never give it up